• Quick Mittens

    Last year my sister got a loop made with Manos del Uruguay’s Silk Blend (Luisa). This year I also made her a matching hat of from the same wool upon request as a thank you for proof reading my Master’s thesis. This weekend I had a visit from her and told her that there was still a hank left, so … Keep reading
  • Framing Lenses – My Defence

    Monday, November 10, 2014, I have successfully defended my master’s thesis and can now call myself M.Sc. That is great and of course I want to share this with the world. So, my full thesis can be found here and it’s a great read, but I do understand if that is too much for you. So alternatively, you can just … Keep reading
  • Space Antenna Hat

    So I did the first Space Invader Hat, that I made a dozen pieces of and everybody was happy.  But there is always someone, who want something different.  In order to fulfil all needs brought towards me, I made this second hat.  And I want to share the pattern with you folks.  It is very similar to the original; only … Keep reading
  • Hextris

    After I did research on a game of Hex and also now doing research on Tetris, I am very very happy, to present to you now the gem my partner found online: Hextris. It’s Tetris on a Hexagon.  It blew my mind.   … Keep reading
  • Space Invader Hat

    Years ago, I started these and gave them all around.  However, I never published a pattern for them.  With an upcoming move, I remembered that I promised someone to make them one and haven’t managed in five years (there are _good_ reasons for that, though).  Finally, I made another one and this time, I thought of writing things down.  So … Keep reading
  • Sunflower Felting Pins – Pattern

    For the last election campaign, we needed small tokens to identify our candidates again.  This time I made felted pins in the shape of sunflowers.  And now that campaigning time is over, I want to share the pattern. Materials needed Felting Mat Scissors Fine Felting Needle Sewing Needle Some Thread Empty Pin Yellow and Green Felt Green Felting Wool Steps … Keep reading
  • Pytris – A Python Script for Testing Tetris Algorithms

    In another post, I explained a probably non exhaustive list of the different types of Choosing Blocks Algorithms that might exist for Tetris.  Here I explain Pytris, a script that has the logging abilities for research into the algorithms.  This is part of my ongoing Master’s Thesis Project.  If you’re interested in the source code, just contact me!  I’m happy to provide it … Keep reading
  • Different Tetris Algorithms

    I am currently writing my Master’s thesis and using Tetris as a game of reference.  In a pre-test I needed a quick version of Tetris, that records a lot of the interaction and tests different algorithms for choosing blocks.  Before I present the resulting implementation (Pytris), I want to briefly talk about algorithms that choose blocks in Tetris.  Part of … Keep reading
  • Beach in Langballigau

    Last week we spent some time at the Baltic Sea. There is a tragicomic story to tell about how I lost my phone and found it again in the beach two days later although the cover was done in a sandy colour. It still had 50% battery, alas I didn’t have it for the day at Legoland. Enjoy these for … Keep reading