Final Fantasy Black Mage

Before I show off with the pretty doll I made, I want to introduce you first to the Final Fantasy Black Mage, essentially because I didn’t know it before either.

It traditionally looked like this:

However, the picture that was presented to me as a ‘this is how it should look in the end, was this one:

And this one is a little bit more involved.  Essentially, what I did was creating a simple crocheted body with a little help of what I learned when doing the monkey  and added an elaborate hat with a brimming of three double crochet rounds.  In the first round I increased in every stitch and in the second one in every second and so on.  The eyes were simple ovals in a slightly brighter yellow that was just lying around.  The shoes are tiny double crocheted ones, that were inspired by this pattern. The clothes were sewn, and please forgive me that this was my first doll size sewing, so it’s a bit crude.  People were quite happy with it regardless.

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