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Last semester my study group was required to design and evaluate some random piece of software.  We chose to look into knitting pattern generators, because what is there available seems to be rather… abysmal (sorry to all the developers putting hard work in there, but a user study could have helped).

We did a Paper Mockup with a start screen:

The setup screen:

And the edit screen (look at the drag and drop function!):

We also created a computer based mockup version again with a start screen:

The setup screen:

And the editor:

I’m showing you both versions here, because they show different sides of the same thing.  The first one is more how we wanted the design to be while the second one maybe gives a feel for the interaction methods.

So, we didn’t get any further than this, but user tests showed that our knitting pattern generator is can be used more intuitively than the free programs available at the moment.  If you are interested in implementing our concept, just contact me and I can give you all the material and deal out the legal issues with my study group and university.

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  1. Is your program working and is it available to the general public? I am looking for a simple program to generate patterns from pictures and other programs, like kpg, do not work.


    1. I had the same problem with kpg, not working for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to actually make this come real. But I would support any efforts to do so. So if you know some happy knitting affectionate programmers, we can go on. I just have problems managing that on my own right now. 🙂

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