Weimar – Palais Schardt

Weimar is well known to be a polished city; the so called Disneyland for the elderly rich.  However, there are small gems, that are not always easy to find.  Like the Palais Schardt. And even if you are inside, you might not find the real beauty in it’s raw form, because you are encountering an (admittedly lovely) café (with also admittedly delicious cakes the owner makes herself), but the door to the interesting area is usually closed.  You kind of have to know that after you’ve went up the first floor you have to ask to enter the door to the right and look at things.  Don’t be frightened of the floor.  It creaks, it wobbles and it is everything but straight, but it held for like.. a few hundred years, so surely you won’t make it crack, right?

Personally, I would love to just spend my time there writing texts, reading books or just sitting around looking out the window in peace and quiet.  Alas, that’s probably not what the owners had in mind.

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