Drawing is to me a form of investigation, to learn about people and things through the intimate contact of tracing what I want to focus on. It started out as a need of showing figures and grimaces and facial expressions while protecting the privacy of our participants and became something much larger. Though, sometimes I just draw things with no reason. Here, I collect a few of them as samples, while I build a corpus.

An abstract charcoal drawing with defined lines at the bottom and a set of smudged lines at the top (right).
A speculative drawing exploration aiming to identify different visuals around hospitals, medicine and assistive technology
One of my core collaborators, Emeline Brulé
A drawing of myself and a child with both of us drawing and the child whispering into my ear.
Participant relationships going well
A child and an adult grimacing into the camera.
Sketch of a waiting person looking out into the distance.
Drawing of a person wearing a chain of LEDs as a blindfold.
seeing the lights
four hands with small switch controllers in front of two backfacing switch stations.
playing together.
An assortment of different crafting items.
playing VR -- with the person being less in focus than the technological components
A person playing computer games on a double screen setup.