My name is Katta Spiel and I look at the margins of technology design.

Currently, I am researching the attitudes, desires and interests of neurodivergent youth concerning play with digital games. This research is part of a postdoctoral project between KU Leuven and Universität Wien and conducted by me in collaboration with Kathrin Gerling and Fares Kayali.  Before that,  I was part of  Social Play Technologies and a PhD student at OutsideTheBox project, both at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology). There I investigated the experiences of autistic children in technological contexts, moving away from empathy and developed a concept for Participatory Evaluation. Both my bachelor degrees in Media Culture (B.A.) and Media Systems (B.Sc.) as well as my Master’s degree in Computer Science and Media (M.Sc.), I have acquired at Bauhaus Universität Weimar.

I call my research approach Critical Participatory Design for three reasons: 1) My analysis of methods in Human-Computer Interaction and the design of technologies more generally is fueled by critical and queer theory. 2) In reflecting on the larger contexts of my designs, I make an argument for the critical reflection of our production of knowledge. 3) By including marginalised perspectives in my design work, I co-construct critical technologies for our time. I conduct my research decidedly using a playful approach in methods and objects created.  While there are instances, where I take a wide interpretation on the term marginalisation, my work largely centres on notions of gender and disability.

Outside (and sometimes inside) of my research, I also like to craft, predominantly with textiles and am engaged in the Roller Derby community.  I have also been a member of the City Council of Weimar (2009-2014).

My pronouns are they/them.  You may address me as Mx. or Dr.