My name is Katta Spiel. Eine Vorstellung auf Deutsch finden Sie hier.

I research marginalised perspectives on technology to inform critical design and engineering.  My work is situated at the intersection of Computer Science, Design and Critical Theory.  Drawing on methods from (Critical) Participatory Design and Action Research, collaborations with neurodivergent and/or nonbinary folks have lead to the exploration of novel potentials for designs, methodological contributions to Human-Computer Interaction and innovative technological artefacts.

Currently, I am a FWF Hertha-Firnberg scholar at the HCI Group of TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), where I work on my individual project entitled “Exceptional Norms: Marginalised Bodies in Interaction Design”.  Additionally, I teach the lecture on “Theories and Methods” in the interdisciplinary Master’s curriculum in Gender Studies at the University of Vienna. Before that, I researched the attitudes, desires and interests of neurodivergent youth concerning play with digital games in collaboration with Kathrin Gerling and Fares Kayali and was part of the FWF-funded projects  Social Play Technologies and OutsideTheBox, both at TU Wien. There, I investigated the experiences of autistic children in technological contexts, moving away from empathy and developed a concept for Participatory Evaluation. Both my bachelor degrees in Media Culture (B.A.) and Media Systems (B.Sc.) as well as my Master’s degree in Computer Science and Media (M.Sc.), I have acquired at Bauhaus Universität Weimar.

Outside (and sometimes inside) of my research, I also like to craft, predominantly with textiles and am engaged in the Roller Derby community.  I have also been a member of the City Council of Weimar (2009-2014).

My pronouns are they/them.  You may address me as Mx. or Dr.