For more than 15 years, I now dabble in textile crafts. I have created bespoke items of clothing and published my own patterns, mostly for knitting and crocheting. While knitting is my go-to craft, I also have experience in sewing, crocheting, embroidery and tatting.

While I do currently not record my crafts on ravelry anymore, previous works can be found there still. My main project right now is increasing my knitting stitch vocabulary and using up some of my scrap yarn by knitting a whole range of multi-patterned, multi-coloured socks. Of course, it is great having an appreciative source of inspiration around for experiments.

If you want to order a hand-crafted item, I do concessions. Please just contact me at katta[at]frimble.net and we can figure out what you want and how I could do that for you.