Nothing About Us Without Us

Investigating the Role of Critical Disability Studies in HCI

A workshop at CHI 2020

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It has been ten years since Mankoff et al.’s paper Disability Studies as a Source of Critical Inquiry for the Field of Assistive Technology drew out the requirement of actively involving disabled people in research about them. This workshop takes a look at the role Critical Disability Studies currently plays in the development of assistive technologies and the accessibility of technologies more generally. We will examine untapped research opportunities and identify systemic obstacles that keep disabled scholars in the margins of associated research. The gathering additionally serves to establish a community of researchers interested in pursuing the perspective of Critical Disability Studies within HCI.

We invite submissions critically reflecting on past or on-going research projects, personal experiences of disabled academics and/or accessibility researcher, as well as speculations about the future role of Critical Disability Studies in HCI. All submissions should include a brief statement concerning participants’ expectations, desires and potential contributions to the workshop as to tailor the specifics of the workshop structure to the group. Participants are free to choose format and length of their submissions; however, we suggest keeping it to 2-4 pages. Submissions should be accessible and sent to by February 11, 2020. All submissions will be lightly reviewed by the organisers to ensure appropriate fit to the goals of the workshop. Given consent, accepted papers will be archived. One author of each accepted submission must attend the workshop and additionally register for at least one day of the conference. The organisers are committed to principles of anticipatory accessibility and subsequently inform about all measures we will take. If we can do better, please let us know.