Green Hat version of the Bobble Hat Pattern

I started creating patterns again. So here comes one that is surprisingly easy, but comes with a bunch of interesting different shapes and effects. Still not good at making pictures, though.

You’ll need: about 75g of bulky yarn for main colour (MC); about 20g of bulky yarn for contrasting colour (CC), 4.5mm needles (either double point (dpns) or round), tapestry needle


  • CC – contrasting colour
  • MC – main colour
  • ktbl – (knit through back loop); k2tbl (knit 2 through back loops)
  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • sskslip slip knit (left leaning decrease)
  • k2tog – knit 2 together (right leaning decrease)
  • x (number) – repetitions


  • Cast on 90 stitches with CC, join in round (being careful not to twist)
  • (k2tbl p2) x 22, k2tbl for 15 rows
  • switch to MC
  • knit 4 rows
  • *(k9 p5 k4) x5, for 6 rows
  • knit 6 rows
  • (p5 k13) x5, for 6 rows*
  • knit 6 rows
  • repeat between * once more
  • knit 2 rows
  • (k1 ssk k12 k2tog k1) x5
  • knit
  • (k1 ssk k10 k2tog k1) x5
  • knit
  • (k1 ssk k8 k2tog k1) x5
  • knit
  • (k1 ssk k6 k2tog k1) x5
  • knit
  • (k1 ssk k4 k2tog k1) x5
  • knit
  • (k1 ssk k2 k2tog k1) x5
  • knit
  • (k1 ssk k2tog k1) x5
  • knit
  • (k1 ssk k1) x5
  • pull yarn through all remaining loops and pull tight
  • weave in ends.

The contrasting part is folded towards the inside as to support warming the ears and creating a neat edge to the hat. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the resulting pattern as much as they do:

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