Bodies in Play

This is a crosspost from an article, I wrote first on Medium. Yesterday evening, I gave a talk at the eMedia Research Lab at KU Leuven about “Bodies in Play”. It attracted a surprisingly large audience asking interesting and intriguing questions that challenged and strengthened my theoretical explorations in this area. Additionally, there seemed to be interest by others […]

Beyond Transparency — Comments on the Update to Submission and Reviewing Guidelines for CHI

This is a crosspost from an article, I wrote first on Medium. [This post specifically addresses a recent update for the submission and reviewing guidelines of CHI, a conference within the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research community, but might be relevant for readers interested in discussions around what constitutes ‘good research’ more broadly.] To discuss different aspects of what constitutes […]

Current Penalty Code Cheat Sheet (March 2016 codes) for Penalty Trackers

While I had the wherewithal to create a new penalty code cheat sheet when the new verbal codes came out… over a year ago and to share it with my league, I’ve kind of forgot to make it available for anyone else, also because I thought that would only matter to me and someone else […]

Presentation and Journal Paper: Evaluating Experiences of Autistic Children with Technologies.

Last year in Barcelona, I have given a talk about how I plan to evaluate the experiences of autistic children with technologies. You can find the slides for the talk here. They also allow a unique glimpse into a preliminary state of what was later becoming my paper at the International Journal of Child Computer […]

Subjectivity in Mathematics – Implications of Richard Buckminster Fuller’s Energetic Geometry

I compare Euclidean and Energetic Geometry to show how there is a set of mathematical languages, which are subjected to interpretation. This theoretical exercise provides deeper insights into the agendas and world views mathematical concepts carry and deconstruct the presumed ‘neutral’ or ‘objective’ stance that is largely attributed to them.