Saizou – the Piggy – Pattern!

A few months ago I had a request for a piggy that should also look a certain way – specifically, this way:

Saizou the pig
Saizou – angry

Initially, I thought I’d work my way through some pig pattern, but then I modified it so heavily, that the new pattern calls for publication.

wool and needle
some tools

I used bulky yarn (GGH Camello in pink (3 skeins) and dark purple (1 skein)) and a 6mm crochet needle.  You will also need some white, some pink and some dark pink felt, some thicker scrap wool in black and an aluminum string.  Little tools you might want to have handy are scissors, glue and a tapestry needle.  Additionally you will need lots and lots of polyfill.  The pig will be so large, you can use it as a cushion.  A combination of thinner yarns and smaller needles is of course possible to resize the piggy.


sc – single crochet

incr – sc2 in one

tbl – through back loop

decr – sc1 in two


Pre-Round: make a ring (magic ring or chain 2 and stitch in second from hook)

Round 1: 6 single crochet in ring (6)

Round 2: incr around (12)

Round 3: (incr, sc1) around (18)

Round 4: (incr, sc2) around (24)

Round 5: (incr, sc3) around (30)

Round 6: sc tbl around (30)

Round 7+8: sc around (30)

Round 9: (incr, sc9) around (33)

Round 10: (incr, sc10) around (36)

Round11: (incr, sc5) around (42)

Round 12: (incr, sc2) around (56)

Round 13: (incr, sc7) around (63)

Round 14: (incr, sc8) around (70)

Continue increasing in the fashion of the last two rows until you have a total of 98 stitches.

The piece should look like this:

Work in Progress - Snout and Face
Snout and Face

Then sc around for about 5 rows.

Next four rounds:  Round 1: (decr, sc12) around (91); Round 2-4: sc around

Next three rounds: Round 1: (decr, sc11) around (84); Round 2-3: sc around

Next two rounds: Round 1: (decr, sc10) around (77); Round 2: sc around

Decrease in that fashion five more times (42).

Stuffed body with tail
Stuffed body with tail

During the following rows you should continue decreasing like you did before in every row and stuff continually, so that you have a fit tight enough for shaping but soft enough for cuddling.  When you are down to six stitches per row, crochet 20 times around in sc. Fasten of.  Insert the aluminum tube into the tail and twirl it.

Twirled tail
Twirled tail

Feet (make 4):

With dark purple yarn create a ring (like before).

Round 1: sc6 in ring

Round 2: (incr, sc2) around (8)

Round 3: (incr, sc3) around (10)

Round 4: (incr, sc4) around (12)

switch to pink yarn

Round 5: (incr, sc1) around (24)

Round 6-8: sc around (24)

Fasten off and stuff lightly.

Horns (make 2):

With dark purple yarn create a ring (like before).

Round 1: sc6 in ring

Round 2: (incr, sc2) around (8)

Round 3: sc around (8)

Round 4: (incr, sc3) around (10)

Round 5: sc around (10)

Round 6: (incr, sc4) around (12)

Round 7-9: sc around (12)

Stuff horns and fasten off.

Sew feet/hoofs and horns on the piggy.

Cut out the felt and glue white part of eyes and snout on the piggy.  With black yarn, use tapestry needle to accentuate piggy.


done piggy
done piggy

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