Liste studentisch relevanter Anträge und Anfragen

Fraktion von BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN in Weimar Legislatur 2009-2014 09.09.09, DS 346/2009, Antrag: Abhängung Weimars vom Fernverkehr (Studierende nutzen häufig den Zug, um nach Hause zu fahren) (beschlossen; Sachstandsbericht am 16.02.2010 in schriftlicher Form an alle Stadträte) 09.09.09, DS 347/2009, Anfrage zum Radweg nach Schöndorf (Studierende fahren auch oft mit dem Rad) 01.09.10, DS 141/2010, […]

Haushaltsrede 2014 – Speech about the Budget 2014

Meine Haushaltsrede lässt sich hier als *.pdf abrufen.  Ansonsten gibt es noch einen Zeitungsartikel hier (TLZ). I held a speech at city council yesterday discussing the proposals for the Weimar Budget of 2014.  The links above are unfortunately all in German and I lack the time to translate them myself.  In a nutshell: Money is […]

Defense for Out of Sight

This is what I talked about in my defense to obtain the academic degree ‘Bachelor of Science’ in the field of Media Systems at the Bauhaus-University of Weimar (I started there the last year the programme was available, so there is no easy way to link to the actual programme I did.). The slides can […]

Knit & Purl – The Knitting Pattern Generator

Last semester my study group was required to design and evaluate some random piece of software.  We chose to look into knitting pattern generators, because what is there available seems to be rather… abysmal (sorry to all the developers putting hard work in there, but a user study could have helped). We did a Paper […]

How I work

So.  Since I decided I should get up a proper online representation of stuff I do for people who want to keep in touch, here I am.  I will post about my research and my crafts and other things I will think about.  However, I will do so semi-randomly. What I mean with this is: […]