More toys!

See more toys I did:

The hello witchy!  This is a toy for a friend of mine who likes the colours blue and black.  Can be done at any time upon request, also with variations.

hello witchy!

Jim the Fish (yes, this is a Doctor Who reference).  Although he’s never really shown but only mentioned in the original series, I thought crocheting the fins in a hyperbolic structure makes sense there.  Also given to a friend.  Can be done at anytime.

jim the fish

Don’t think I’ve shown the elephant already.  The tiny one that is.  Sits with my husband at home and peaks from his shelfs.


A ladybug upon request.  Already sold.

a ladybug

And a bunny for a friend of mine.  It is actually supposed to look like it does, a bit donnie darko in the feeling and also made of washable stuff which will felt eventually, since the kid will grow up on a farm.

donnie darko bunny

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